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Fónfix Mobile Services

How to return your phone for repair

There are a number of ways to have your mobile phone repaired by Fónfix:

Walk-In Service: Fónfix operates a walk-in service at our repair centre in Sandyford, Dublin.
If you wish to avail of this service you can call into our front desk and have your phone repaired in as little as three hours.
Please note there is a non-refundable handling fee of €15 for this service.

  • Please back up important data (contacts, pictures, etc.) before sending in for Repair as data will be removed during the Repair process.
    Once the data is gone it cannot be recovered and Fónfix take no responsibility for loss of data.
  • Remove the SIM and Memory Cards/Screen protectors/stylus pens/cases from the Handset before sending the Handset in for Repair.
(SIM or Memory Cards sent in with Repairs will be destroyed in line with data protection guidelines)

Click the link to Download the Customer Repair Form: Repair Form in (Adobe Acrobat PDF file format)

You Can Send Your Phone To Us At :

1 Sandyford Business Park
Burton hall Avenue
Sandyford Industrial Estate
Sandyford, Dublin 18

We do however recommend registered post for tracking purposes.
Please ensure you return your handset with the completed repair form attached. Please keep a note of the IMEI/ESN number of your phone;
this 15 digit number can be found on the label on the back panel of your phone or by entering * #06 # into your phone.


For Retailers Only

For any queries please contact our dedicated team through our Online Q&A facility where we will quickly repsond to:

  • Queries you may have regarding your phone
  • Arrange collections for three or more phones
  • Clarify any queries regarding your account
  • Any new business requests
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